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I’m creating a school for my kids and some others, and I’ll keep you posted every step of the way.


We bought the land and now we’re building a small schoolhouse.


I will primarily be the physical fitness teacher, but I also have some common sense ideas to implement on the education itself.


That’s why the humorous but real name of the school is CSU, short for Common Sense University. 


It’s intended for ages 6 to 14.


There’s just one idea I feel is worth sharing so far because I don’t want to waste your time on unproven ideas.


I’m planning 5 daily class types and one of them is…


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My kids will grow up knowing that helping the school is part of each school day. It will be natural to them.


They also will have daily art, music and sports.


But the world relies on exchange in order to thrive.


And I believe business should have the purpose to improve conditions, not just trick one’s way into money.

I believe I’m setting my kids up well if the backbone of their viewpoint on business is actually helping.


This class can be done at any school because it



Just look around at what the kids can do to help the school. Cleaning, gardening, whatever you can find that actually helps.


This requires fewer resources than not having the class because it can CREATE resources.


This is what CSU is about: common sense stuff that can actually change the game for a school system, setting students up to create a better world, FOR REAL.


I refuse to believe we can’t do better.

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I believe that better begins with applying common sense.


It WILL require guts and persistence.


I know this from becoming more successful than I ever dreamed possible simply because I sought to master the subject of knee ability in a world that had the broad advice of “no knees over toes” and “no deep bending.”


Both of these ideas originated in academia.


Both were proven wrong decades later…


…by academia.


But no textbook yet admits and corrects this.


So I know first-hand that today’s school system is not what is proven to work best even by academia’s own findings.


We’re high on data but too low on action and admitting mistakes.


But I also don’t think school is all bad.


There’s so much good!


Still, more people than ever are being driven to homeschooling.


I don’t want to homeschool my kids.


I want them to interact with plenty of other kids.


So it’s time for actual action and changes, not just talking and complaining.


Hence making my own school.


And DAILY Help Class would be an ACTUAL SHIFT in the modern school system.


Kids working all day with no play and no art and no music = wrong.


That’s common sense.


My school will have MORE PLAY and MORE CREATIVITY than the modern school system.


And yeah, my kids will also spend a full class helping each day, because going all day without exchanging back at all = wrong.


That’s common sense.


Yours in Solutions,


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